It is an introduction and a support page of the iPhone application that iLeaf produced.
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iPhone app MapFolder

*** Attention ***
*** This application was deleted [2010/06/10] ***
*** MapFolder has big problem on iOS4 [2010/06/13] ***

I release iPhone app MapFolder.

It save Google map, and a map is usable in offline.
It display the current location as blue circle on saved map.


- The save of the Google map (It supports the map which is sideways-facing)
- Present location is displayed on saved map
- It can set a zoom level (the layer number of detailed maps)
- The zoom in the map by the double tap or pinch out
- The zoom out the map by the two finger tap or pinch in
- It can set a title, a category, a layer number, a memo every map
- In addition, there is various function setting in the Settings app

Because you do not need connection, it is convenient for outdoor or overseas travel etc.

*** Attention ***
*** This application was deleted [2010/06/10] ***

This application was deleted from iTunesStore.
It violated the Google Maps API terms of service.

There are some problems in MapFolder[ver1.0].

- It doesn't always download every tile.
Display areas you want in "New Map" before download.
Cache and then download. It will not miss tiles.

- It takes too much time to backup iTunes.
Layer6 take over an hour to backup iTunes.
I recommend that don't take big layer.

- It freezes in iPad.
Sorry. I did not think about iPad.

- Layer 8 is not correct.
Please don't use layer 8.
I recommend that don't take such big layer.

I cannot update it anymore.
I'm sorry.

*** Attention ***
*** MapFolder has big problem on iOS4 [2010/06/13] ***

MapFolder has big problem on iOS4.
It can download only layer1.

Please complete all the downloads which you want before upgrade iOS4.
I'm sorry.
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