It is an introduction and a support page of the iPhone application that iLeaf produced.
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Grappling Hook Ninja

[Add Nov. 7, 2011] I changed the URL.

Grappling Hook Ninja marketing_badge.png

Throw, hook, pull, jump…
This is an exciting puzzle action game, featuring a Japanese ninja and his grappling hook. Make full use of the grappling hook like spider silk to make the ninja's way through, and lead him to the goal by collecting cherry blossoms on all 120 stages.

It can be easily controlled with one hand, and is enjoyable for anyone! Physics engine brings you this simple yet profound system. Just touch and let go of the screen.

-how to play-
* The ninja will spin and jump upwards when he is on the ground (or when touching an obstacle), with a tap on the screen.
* The ninja will throw the grappling hook to the direction where he is facing, with a touch on the screen when the ninja is in the air. The hook will be fixed at the point where you let your finger off the screen.
* The ninja will pull on the grappling line and will make a long jump with a long continuous touch on the screen, when the ninja is clinging to the grappling line.
* The ninja will make a short jump with a short touch on the screen, when clinging to the grappling line.
* The grappling hook will come off and the ninja will not jump, with a tap on the screen when clinging to the grappling line.

* The grappling line is elastic. If you jump when the line is expanded all the way, the ninja is able to jump further than usual.
* When the ninja is spinning in midair, the spin will stop when you throw the grappling hook. And with a slight tap on the screen right after the throw, the ninja will pull back and restore the grappling hook. Using this movement allows you to face in any direction you want in midair.

Master the handling of the grappling hook, and you will be able to go through any difficult stage! Please try this game to become a grappling hook master! We'll be waiting for your challenge.

Special Thanks to SHW Free music.

iPhone app MapFolder

*** Attention ***
*** This application was deleted [2010/06/10] ***
*** MapFolder has big problem on iOS4 [2010/06/13] ***

I release iPhone app MapFolder.

It save Google map, and a map is usable in offline.
It display the current location as blue circle on saved map.


- The save of the Google map (It supports the map which is sideways-facing)
- Present location is displayed on saved map
- It can set a zoom level (the layer number of detailed maps)
- The zoom in the map by the double tap or pinch out
- The zoom out the map by the two finger tap or pinch in
- It can set a title, a category, a layer number, a memo every map
- In addition, there is various function setting in the Settings app

Because you do not need connection, it is convenient for outdoor or overseas travel etc.

*** Attention ***
*** This application was deleted [2010/06/10] ***

This application was deleted from iTunesStore.
It violated the Google Maps API terms of service.

There are some problems in MapFolder[ver1.0].

- It doesn't always download every tile.
Display areas you want in "New Map" before download.
Cache and then download. It will not miss tiles.

- It takes too much time to backup iTunes.
Layer6 take over an hour to backup iTunes.
I recommend that don't take big layer.

- It freezes in iPad.
Sorry. I did not think about iPad.

- Layer 8 is not correct.
Please don't use layer 8.
I recommend that don't take such big layer.

I cannot update it anymore.
I'm sorry.

*** Attention ***
*** MapFolder has big problem on iOS4 [2010/06/13] ***

MapFolder has big problem on iOS4.
It can download only layer1.

Please complete all the downloads which you want before upgrade iOS4.
I'm sorry.
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iPhone app Drip Infusion

[Add Nov. 7, 2011] I changed the URL.

I made iPhone application "Drip Infusion"

dripinfusion_topicon.png marketing_badge.png

It calculate the dripping speed of the intravenous drip and display it.

The image of the drip flashes on and off to dripping speed when you set infusion solution set (drops /mL), volume of infusion and time.

You can tap the image of the drip to adjust a timing.

You can set 20 drops/mL, 60 drops/mL and 1-99 drops/mL.


Please let me know your opinion.

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